Also called clairvoyance. Knowledge of the near-future, or of all the events that will occur. If the latter is true, then our lives are pre-determined, and we are but puppets, which leaves us with near future, since free will obviously exists.


Are there different types of premonitions? Maybe some premonitions create knowldge of a future event, but that knowledge can change events, and cause a different future than what had been seen in the original premonition. Many physicists seem to like the idea of a multiverse. Maybe premonitions can be a source of knowledge about other universes (within a multiverse) that diverge in their events from those in our own universe.

Free willEdit

Philosopher Daniel Dennett, in his book Elbow Room has proposed that free will only implies that our brains control our behavior. In his view, free will is compatible with determinism. If so, then we can have a sense of free will, determinism can hold, and knowledge of the future could be possible.