In our daily lives, without the use of information, we can only make random choices. What if this is true for the very core of physical reality? What if elementary particles use a different kind of information to behave the way they do, which we then classify as physical laws?

From this hypothesis, we can generalize Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and the Classical Physics. New predictions arise, that put practical interstellar travel within our reach, here and now.

We call this idea Information Physics. As its name suggests, it is built around the concept of information. The notion of information is applied to fundamental physics in a way that is different from the current information theory, also known as Shannon's theory.

Information Physics is not a part of mainstream physics. It is a scientific theory, however, because it explains experimental results stretching back hundreds of years. It also gives new predictions that can be tested.

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- Serge Miatovich

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