Expanded Assertions on Tachyonic Gravity

Here I reiterate the assertions (summary) from my theory of tachyonic gravity, and add commentary to further explain my positions. Comments are welcome. E-mail

Richter's Expanded Assertions on "Superluminal Gravitation"

1. Primary Assertion: Gravity is faster than light, and is therefore a tachyonic force. I view gravity as the observable result of point-like tachyons radiating invisibly from all massive bodies; providing negative radiation pressure in space that is detected by our senses and instrumentation as Newtonian gravitation.

2. The apparent "pull" of gravity is due to negative radiation pressure from the collective action (due to reversed causality) of a special tachyon I refer to as the Gravitational Exchange Tachyon, or GET particle. It is intentionally designed to be compatible both with General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. But this is not yet a proven assertion; it awaits experimental verification. Consequently, it remains a speculative science-fiction concept at this time (although I expect that to change in the very near future). One implication of this idea that encourages me to believe it will be proven experimentally is that the search for the quanta of gravity and the search for tachyons are probably one in the same search.

3. Newtonian gravitational force F is the sum of the individual forces imparted by the super-small GET particles, as they travel perfectly straight-line (i.e., classical) paths from a source-mass to an arbitrary infinite distance away, along the related radius of curvature for the field equations of General Relativity. Essentially, a GET particle is point-like, spin-less, and waveless, and should be considered the epitome of the concept of a point in space. Correspondingly, its trajectory can be viewed as a physics-based definition for a classical straight-line in space.

4. A GET particle's path is along the radius of curvature (Ricci scalar) of the field equations of Einstein's theory of General Relativity (GR). And because the GET particles are quanta, by definition, the resulting model of gravity they insinuate makes GR compatible with Modern Quantum Mechanics (MQM). In other words, GET quanta explain quantum gravity in a way that fits with the geometry of GR. The question now is; does Mother Nature actually employ this scenario?

5. The GET quanta can be considered spin-less, waveless, point-like particles with at least one outstanding property; they impart some fraction of their forward momentum to real objects through which they pass -- thus setting up negative radiation pressure because of their reversed causality. Being waveless, then, their wave-equation is reduced to a linear reference (the equation of a line).

I have also come up with a string-like action; it is screw-like, through space, in such a way as to drill through space, causing force towards the source. But such a description is probably not the reality (even being a useful descriptive device). It is only one of many ways the action can be described using string theory.

6. The GET quanta exist within very strict limits; they are faster-than-light, but never reach infinite velocity; a tachyon's mass is inversely proportional to its speed, as viewed from a bradyonic reference-frame; tachyonic time is negative compared to positive bradyonic time, etc. So, we merely remember to place tachyons in their alternate-dimensional space-time, using my new Tachyonics Operator (or other transformation that does the same thing). A unified field can therefore be envisioned, where the existing basic Unified Field (UF), expressed in a relativistic gauge-field model (including electro-weak and strong nuclear forces) is added to a superluminal (imaginary) model of gravity (IG), also in gauge-field form, to get the Grand Unified Field (GU"F), similar to writing a complex number;

GUF = UF + IG .

7. The accelerating expansion of the universe can be accounted for by taking the cosmological constant of GR as the observed result of the superluminal gravity of the tachyonic universe that co-exists with the visible universe. In particular, if the gravity of a bradyon is attractive, and superluminal, then the gravity of a tachyon, also superluminal, would be repulsive to bradyons. Collectively, then, all of this invisible tachyonic mass constitutes a source of true anti-gravity, and provides an explanation of the cosmological constant, and therefore of the expansion.

8. Again, if the gravity of a bradyon is tachyonic, then the gravity of a tachyon must be repulsive to bradyons. Thus, the gravity from tachyons can specifically explain Dark Energy, and tachyons themselves could constitute Dark Matter. What remains is to find ways of doing repeatable testing of this assertion.

9. Using GET particles to establish a model of quantum gravity serves as the basis for constructing an empirical Grand Unified Field Theory that finally unifies gravity with the other fundamental forces, because it amounts to finding a way of expressing compatibility between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

10. The Grand Unified Field (GUF), along with Tachyonics (study of tachyons), will enable construction of an Interdiscipline Synthesis Cosmology (ISC), as a spring-board for a full Theory of Existence (ToE), capable of explaining the universe in the most comprehensive manner that is humanly possible, including much in the way of previously unexplained natural and supernatural phenomena.

Indeed, there are numerous areas of investigation forbidden to scientists before my descriptions theory came into being that are now open to them, including research into the life-force, the basis of the human mind, and the seat of emotion. But Tachyonics also holds the promise of advancing our technology appreciably, including the development of near-instantaneous communications systems for use across unlimited astronomical distances; the design of space-ships capable of breaking the lightspeed barrier of space-time; and obtaining access to near-infinite magnitudes and unlimited sources of energy.

[End of summary.]


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