Richter's Assertions on Superluminal Gravitation

1. Gravity is faster than light, and is therefore a tachyonic force.

2. The apparent "pull" of gravity is due to negative radiation pressure from the collective action (due to reversed causality) of a special tachyon referred to as the Gravitational Exchange Tachyon, or GET particle.

3. Newtonian gravitational force F is the sum of the individual forces imparted by the GET particles, as the GET particles travel perfect straight-line paths from a given source-mass to an infinite distance away from the source.

4. A GET particle's path is along the radius of curvature (Ricci scalar) of the field equations of Einstein's theory of General Relativity (GR). And because the GET are quanta, by definition, the resulting model of gravity they insinuate makes GR compatible with modern Quantum Mechanics.

5. The GET quanta can be considered spin-less, waveless, point-like particles with at least one outstanding property; they impart some fraction of their forward momentum to real objects through which they pass -- thus setting up negative radiation pressure because of their reversed causality. Being waveless, then, their wave-equation is reduced to a linear reference (the equation of a line).

6. The GET quanta exist within very strict limits; they are faster-than-light, but never reach infinite velocity; a tachyon's mass is inversely proportional to its speed, as viewed from a bradyonic reference-frame; tachyonic time is negative compared to positive bradyonic time, etc.

7. The accelerating expansion of the universe can be accounted for by taking the cosmological constant of GR as the observed result of the superluminal gravity of the tachyonic universe that co-exists with the visible universe.

8. If the gravity of a bradyon is tachyonic, then the gravity of a tachyon, also superluminal, must be repulsive to bradyons. Thus, the gravity from tachyons can explain Dark Energy, and tachyons themselves constitute Dark Matter.

9. Using GET particles to establish a model of quantum gravity serves as the basis for constructing an empirical Grand Unified Field Theory (GUFT) that finally unifies gravity with the other fundamental forces of nature in a relativistic gauge-field format.

10. The GUFT, along with Tachyonics (study of tachyons), enables construction of an Interdiscipline Synthesis Cosmology (ISC) as a spring-board for a full Theory of Existence (ToE) capable of explaining the universe in the most comprehensive manner that is humanly possible, including all natural and supernatural phenomena. In short, an ISC-based ToE reveals the very physics of the gods.


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