Area Rules. (proposed and yet to be ratified by the community)

  • 1. Because Alternative Science has significant POV issues, we ask that persons with perspectives contrary to an article simply link from that article, and create a new article.
  • 2. Participants acknowledge that they are submitting articles to a skeptical review process. Articles will be judged and put into their respective categories.Junk Science Articles will not be deleted, but will be left up as examples of such.
  • 4. Skeptical review process will be based on the following criteria.
  • a. Truth value of Starting Axioms
  • b. Internal Logical Consistency
  • c. Threat level to Dominant Paradigm
  • d. Depth of Proof

According to lists of single axioms and syllogisms. Failure to do this may result In the piece being rewritten, or, alternatively, someone may write an axiomatic Analysis.

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