The goal of the Alternative Science Wikia is to create a summary of pseudo-scientific explanations for supernatural, fictional, and natural phenomena. The wiki will include superstitions, fictional phenomena, and other unexplained processes.

Explanations don't have to have a scientific base, and pure speculation is acceptable. Also, each entry may have any amount of alternative explanations, which don't have to be consistent. The ultimate goal is to amass a large database and then start tracing whole "theories" made out of relatively consistent entries.

Example of a bad entry: A description of the Christianity religion.

Example of a good entry: An article speculating about which supernatural powers Jesus had, giving examples of their manifestation.

Example of a bad entry: An article which absolutely proves telekinesis is impossible, backed up by works from famous scientists.

Example of a good entry: An article which explains the phenomena of telekinesis as a genetically passed trait.

Example of alternative explanations: In the last article, a paragraph which explains telekinesis is a rarity in modern times, as the trait degraded because it was not necessary for survival; followed by a paragraph which explains telekinesis is a rarity in modern times, because the trait was linked to a recessive gene, and the amount of people who posessed it decreased over time to almost nothing.

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